Masters Course "Ecological and Molecular Biodiversity"

The aim of this course, which is embedded within the Masters Programme Hydrobiology of the TU Dresden, is that students learn a confident determination of aquatic organisms, acquire a broad species knowledge and a deeper understanding of biodiversity phenomena in an ecological and environmental context. This is done with lectures and practical exercises as well as lab experimental approaches and molecular tools.

I am currently organizing this course, give lectures and chair the practical training. While this course is mandatory for students of the Masters Programme Hydrobiology, students from other Masters Programmes (e.g. Biology, Hydrology, Water Management) interested in ecology and with relevant background knowledge are also welcomed. More infos can be found here.

Looking for a thesis?

I am also supervising Bachelor, Master and PhD students. If you are looking for a thesis, please have a look on the topics at our institutes webpage or simply get in touch if you are interested in some of my Research topics!